Win a bike
Win a bike


Getting out and being active isn’t difficult and it can be an awful lot of fun. To help make it a bit easier, we’ve put together a Collective tri-challenge, just for you! Our tri-challenge is made up of three different goals you can do with your mum, dad, sister or brother and they can be achieved pretty much anywhere. Trust us, it will be a right laugh.

how’s your aim?!

You’ll need a bucket, Collective tub, washing basket to use as a target and a ball.

  1. Each person take 5 full steps away from target and mark their individual spots.
  2. Start a timer or ask someone to time you.
  3. Throw the ball into the target 3 times, collecting the ball yourself each time you throw it. Remember to be at your marked spot when you throw the ball.
  4. To make the challenge harder you can keep taking more steps away from the target and see just how far you can throw.

it’s all about balance!

You’ll need a book, bag of rice or even a Suckies yoghurt pouch… in fact, anything you can balance safely on your head!

  1. Set up a course around your house. Must have windy bits!
  2. Walk as quickly as possible around the course while balancing the object on your head.
  3. If the object falls off, you have to start again!
  4. To make the challenge harder, put obstacles around the course to work around.

keepin’ a float!

You’ll need a balloon (not helium filled).

  1. Start a timer or ask someone to time you.
  2. See how long you can keep the balloon up in the air without it touching the ground. You can use your arms, legs and even your head.
  3. To make the challenge harder only use one part of your body to keep the balloon up.

our good sports

enjoy, and if you want to share your families sporty achievements with us click here

Lucas Williams age 5

Dexter age 5

Isabella age 7

Esme Flight age 3

George Allen age 4

Jake atkinson age 6

Jack Wilson age 7

Leah age 12

Darcey Blackmore age 3

Mckenzie-jack alesha-may age 52

Archie smith age 11

Mathilde age 5

Daniel Ingham age 8

Thomas Watkins age 12

Woody Kearins age 6

riona age 20

Jonah Williams age 5

Erin age 8

Amber Laughlin age 3

Jackson age 11

Erin age 7

Jack Macfarlane age 5

Amelia Whitaker age 2.5

Ashley age 12

Alana Milne age 9

Jayroop age 11


Tomas & Jay age 63

Darcey Nathan age 9

Tom Kirkcaldy age 8

eithan age 10

Dylan age 8

ricco age 12

Ethan age 10

Emma Griffiths age 11

Emma Griffiths age 11

Evie Oates age 6

Emma Griffiths age 11

Jonah Williams age 5

Callan Williams age 6

Oliver & Sebastian age 96

Theo Porteous age 3

George age 10

Hudson age 4

Rory age 3

Tristan, Celeste & Roman age 8, 6 & 4

Tristan, Celeste & Roman age 8, 6 & 4

Tristan age 8

Celeste & Roman age 6 & 4

Lola age 3

Greg age 5